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The Winners!

Okay, I guess we've kept you waiting long enough. Many thanks once again to paddies and kitkatbyte for tallying all the votes. You ladies rock!

108 people took the time to read all the stories and cast their votes. One hundred and eight. Pretty amazing, huh? Virtually every story received votes, and people seemed to be voracious about their favourites -- whichever story it may have been. We're so thrilled that the participation level was so great on the part of the writers and of the readers/voters. Thank you everyone.

Okay. On with the show!

First Place with an astounding 105 points: "Blank Canvas" by ayesakara!

Second Place with an amazing 68 points: "Coda" by a_short_detour!

Third Place in a fight for the finish with 50 points: "Tally Marks" by ragingpixie!

Congratulations everyone! And congratulations truly go out to ALL the writers - hopefully you all created something that you LOVED and enjoyed writing. And we must also tell you that there truly was a battle being raged for Third Place, with only 3 points separating the 3rd and 4th place story, 5 points between the 3rd and 5th place story, and 6 points between the 3rd and 6th place story. So truly, every vote made a difference!

And it's now Reveal Day! All the story posts will be edited in a few minutes to add the author names, so you can finally find out who wrote what! Some of your guesses were very good. Others... not so good. ;)

Writers: You can now reply to the comments your stories have received, and upload your stories to your own websites or personal LJ's if you choose to do so. Thank you so much for remaining anonymous for so long!

Winners and Prize Donors: Please contact me (severina2001@hotmail.com) and Ayesha (ayesakara@livejournal.com) so we can make arrangements for you to receive/give your awesome prizes. We'll be working on that tomorrow, but these ones we can give you right now. Follow the cut to the gorgeous Winners Graphics:

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I think that's it, except for one final THANK YOU to all of you. *big schmoopy kisses from us both*
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Thank you, everyone, writers, readers and voters, for your very active participation in the contest!

Voting is now over, and the voting post will now be locked.

We'll be hearing from our Offical Vote Counters, paddies and kitkatbyte on Sunday. Once we've got an accurate and identical count from both lovely ladies, we'll announce the winners and reveal all the writers on Monday, May 01. Please keep the anonymity going until then, and do not post your stories on your own sites or LJ's until after the writers have been revealed.

Thank you again. It's been a blast.

severina2001 and ayesakara
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Just a few reminders...

Voting ends Saturday April 29th at midnight EST.

You must vote for a first, second, and third place story. Any comment that does not contain votes for all three positions will be disregarded.

The winning entries will be announced on Monday May 01.

Reveal Day will also be Monday, May 01. Once the winning entries are announced, we will edit the posted stories to include the names of all the writers. :) Writers, you will then be free to respond to your comments and post your stories to your own journals, websites, etc.

Okay. I think that's it. :)
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Let the Voting Begin...

Dear Friends,

This is the post where you can comment with your votes for the Top Three Position Winners in qaf_anon.

Please note the following conditions:

1. This is a Screened Post which will only accept comments from Registered LJ Users. Meaning no Anonymous commenting will be accepted, and the comments made will only be viewed by the User who made the comment, and the maintainers/owners of this community.

2. The Registered LJ Users eligible to take part in the voting must have an LJ Account for at least the last 30 days. Meaning, comments made by LJ Users who created LJ Accounts anytime after March 19, 2006 will not be accepted. This is to prevent the possibility of anyone signing up/getting their buddies signed up for new accounts just for the purpose of voting for their story. Not that we think something like this will actually occur. We just want to be on the safe side.

3. Voters may only vote for one story per position. They may not vote for the same story for more than one position. Meaning, if they have voted, say, for Story # 14 for First Place, then for Second Place and Third Place votes, they have to choose a different story. If they choose the same story for more than one position, their vote will be discarded. Any multiple votes/comments made multiple times will be discarded. Any incomplete votes may be discarded.

4. Voters may feel free to vote for themselves.

The voting begins today, on Wednesday, April 19, 2006, as of the posting of this entry. It will go on for the next 10 days, ending on Saturday, April 29, 2006. As you are aware, paddies and kitkatbyte are our official vote-counters. Their impartial involvement --since they don't know who wrote what-- with this project will ensure the transparency and credibility needed for the voting process; unlike myself and severina2001, who are aware of the identities of the author of each entry and have thus decided to take ourselves out of the voting process to maintain complete unbiasedness.

Hoping everything goes according to plan, the winners will be announced by May 1, 2006.

Just to remind the voters, this was the prompt:
"Go ahead, push your luck,
Find out how much love the world can hold"

The way severina2001 and myself saw it was this: the prompt was a starting point for all the stories, the idea that gave them inspiration. It was in no way meant to confine the writers' imaginations within its bounderies. From that starting point, how the plot unfolded and where the story went was at the writers' discretion. Similarly, how the readers take the prompt and how the stories they read affect them is at their discretion.

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Kindly reply back to this post with only your votes. You are encouraged to post your thoughts and feedback on the stories on their respective pages. We request you to use the following format, while considering all the conditions given above, to vote for your favorite entries:

Your First Place Winner Choice:
Your Second Place Winner Choice:
Your Third Place Winner Choice:

Happy reading and voting! :)

ETA: Since each vote has a point, we would request voters to complete their votes; i.e. vote for all three positions, not just one. Thanks!


ETA 29 April, midnight: Attention Please! It's midnight on Saturday and the Voting is now over. This thread is being LOCKED for counting of the votes. The last vote accepted was from bidet_of_evil. No new votes are being accepted. Thank you!
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Name of the Game!

Hey everyone,

Before we start the voting process, we thought it would be prudent to post the names of the authors who sent in their entries for the contest, so that there is no confusion about who was finally able to take part out of the list that we'd originally posted.

Therefore, below the lj-cut, and in no particular order, you'll find the LJ names of all the contestants whose stories were posted anonymously last night.

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Coming up next: The Voting Post! :)
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Let The Reading Enjoyment Commence!

Hello folks!

As you can see, all the entries we received for The Little Contest That Could have now been posted! Look under the LJ-CUT to find links to all 34 entries and indulge in the ficcy goodness!

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Why only 34 entries, you ask? Well, 6 people dropped out. And the remaining 17 have apparently been kidnapped by Abusive-Ethan/eaten by rampaging wolves/gotten lost in Babylon's backroom/insert explanation of choice here.

Feel free to leave comments, feedback, critique and praise on all the stories. WRITERS LIVE FOR FEEDBACK. We would like to encourage people to guess who wrote the fics. But WRITERS, please remember NOT TO COMMENT on your feedback and NOT to confirm or deny any guesses! We have to keep this Anonymous thing going, remember. :)

Voting will start sometime on Wednesday April 19th. kitkatbyte and paddies are our Official Vote Counters, and I'm sure they have their adding machines ready and waiting to tally up all the votes!

Enjoy the reading!