April 18th, 2006

daryl: stares in prison hallway

Let The Reading Enjoyment Commence!

Hello folks!

As you can see, all the entries we received for The Little Contest That Could have now been posted! Look under the LJ-CUT to find links to all 34 entries and indulge in the ficcy goodness!

Collapse )

Why only 34 entries, you ask? Well, 6 people dropped out. And the remaining 17 have apparently been kidnapped by Abusive-Ethan/eaten by rampaging wolves/gotten lost in Babylon's backroom/insert explanation of choice here.

Feel free to leave comments, feedback, critique and praise on all the stories. WRITERS LIVE FOR FEEDBACK. We would like to encourage people to guess who wrote the fics. But WRITERS, please remember NOT TO COMMENT on your feedback and NOT to confirm or deny any guesses! We have to keep this Anonymous thing going, remember. :)

Voting will start sometime on Wednesday April 19th. kitkatbyte and paddies are our Official Vote Counters, and I'm sure they have their adding machines ready and waiting to tally up all the votes!

Enjoy the reading!