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Push Your Luck -- An Anonymous Brian/Justin Fanfic Contest

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Push Your Luck -- An Anonymous B/J Fanfic Contest
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Welcome to our Brian/Justin Fanfic Contest!

"Go ahead, push your luck,
Find out how much love the world can hold"

What is the challenge, you ask? Well, in a nutshell:

  • Write a Brian/Justin-centric fanfic based on the given prompt.
  • Submit your story by the due date.
  • Your story, and all the others, will be posted anonymously, and voting will commence.
  • Sit back and wait for the results.
  • If you win, you get a prize!

    Sounds good, right? Drop by the Introductory Post for all the details, and then sign up! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Current Status: Winners have been announced! Thank you to everyone for participating -- see you next time!
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